Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Looking for juicy fried chicken in the Charlotte area? You must try Price's Chicken Coop. The chicken is beyond delicious, everything is done in house to prep the chicken. If you know me you know I'm in love with fried chicken, in love with chicken period I could eat it every day. The chicken is deep fried and it’s not dry it's just right. I was well overdue for food when I got this plate, I was hot and hungry after taking pictures. So. I was anticipating eating some good fried chicken with a good roll. The tea was amazing, normally I don't drink tea but I can vouch that the tea was significantly good. The coleslaw was sweet and not too runny just right and the hush-puppies reminded me of my Great-Grandmothers. Overall the food was great, if you plan on going to try the food out I’ll give you a fair warning it's super busy. There is no place to sit down only take out but it's all worth it. 


All thoughts and opinions are solely my own this is not a sponsored post. 


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