Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Pretty with Purpose - Building a solid Brand

Pretty with Purpose?

Hey Yall! Happy Wednesday, if your life is anything like mine I’m sure time is flying by you as well. It’s never really enough time to conquer all your task in one day. But, if you’ve learned the art of time management and cutting out distractions you are doing a lot better than most.

 This look is a cohesive fall look and easy transition from summer to fall. The bodysuit I’m wearing can be worn in the summer and fall, such an easy transition. The skirt I actually bought for my fall wardrobe. The silver light bomber perfect for fall you can throw it on and layer. It’s a very light article that's transitional. Anytime, I buy a piece I try to make sure that I can wear it with more than one thing. I also try to decide if I can wear it in more than one season when I buy it.

What’s the ultimate goal?

It’s okay too look cute on social media and post your glamorous makeup selfies but don’t get too caught up in that. I always get asked am I model. In my own words – you could consider me a model in a way but that is not what I’m ultimately using my platform for. Some People really think I’m just here to look cute and that’s not merely the purpose of this blog. I created this blog to express my sense of fashion and show you how I curate my looks. Ultimately, my goal is to be a celebrity stylist, full time blogger and lifestyle coach.

So, my point here is to all the young ladies with no plan behind the pretty picture PLEASE GET ONE. Even if you are a model make sure you have a plan. Perfect your craft and figure out every single way you can legally capitalize off of your brand. Don’t be just another pretty face with no purpose.

Set goals and really be about your business. You can eat off being pretty forever, what’s your unique skill set, what qualities do you bring to the table. Remember this world we live in, someone can come take your spot at any given second. So, make sure you have a plan that is legit and you really know how to work and manage your plan. My momma always told me “Get some business about yourself’.

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“Rule #1 get the money first, Rule #2 don’t forget to get the money” – Young Dolph

I hope you enjoyed this post,

Fabulous Forever

-       Yalaina E’lori 



  1. Great post!!! So many miss the mark when it comes to capitalizing off of their true calling by getting caught up in likes and reposts.Instagram and social is such a powerful vehicle that can really propel someone.When I started blogging 2 years ago I would have never imagined the opportunities I have had.This post is so true and inspirational! Thanks so much for sharing this! I wish you all you ask for and more, you deserve it sis!-Caribbean cowgirl

    1. Yes, Queen. So glad someone understands the greater purpose behind it all! Thank You so much!

  2. ig:hdtoreal4tv:πŸ‘πŸ’― momma always said get some business about yourself


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