Glam girl

Stupendous Snake Skin

Trendy fashion killer I’m always daring to be
different. I couldn’t resist these snake skin pants composed by XOXO. This past
weekend I took a spree to the Dillard’s outlet in Highpoint, NC. Looking for
affordable prices with luxury quality, Dillard’s outlet is the place to be. I
was stunned by the fairly reasonable prices. Originally the pants were $58 I scooped
them up only paying $8.88. I questioned my family on what they thought about
the pants. My family wasn’t really feeling my snake skin, I purchased them
anyway. Fashion and style are totally discrete, with style you can pull
anything off. Pulling off a $90 pair of shoes off the rack and only paying $15,
deal deal deal! Currently in love with my modernized “Dorothy’ glitter wedges .Gianna
Bini shoe line is amazing and dazzling. I assumed that Steve Madden was the
best out when it came to dazzled shoes. Unfortunately they have competition, currently
reconsidering my shoe conception.
What are your contemplations?
Is your style adequate enough to pull of snake skin pants?

Jewelry- Forever 21

Shoes- Gianna Bini,


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