Vintage-inspired 50's Style

Polka Dot Dress

Prancing through
downtown with
my tulle dress on today, the weather felt great and so did I. Today was
scorching only to be 82 degrees it sure did feel like 100 degrees.  I
kept it feminine and sweet in my polka dots.
Not to extra just right with a dash of accessories, and a hint of
lipstick. According to others my dress was 50’s style. Once I realized
that it was I agreed. I purchased my darling tulle dress from
A’, favorite shopping store at the
moment.  Im so tiny so most people
thought I was a little kid in my dress. I have to continuously remind
people I
am a freshman in college and 18 years old. My glittered toed flats are
JCpenny’s, I paid $7 for them this past summer. My envelope clutch/cross
purse is nine west $5 from K&G. Believe me when I say I shop on a
but still manage to look cute! It’s pretty easy shopping on a budget,
around, stay posted on sales and always make sure your up on coupons. 

Stay classy & elegant – Yalaina.Elori


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