White Siren

The stand out of white is a great view. Majority of the time when you see someone in all white, you will stare of-course. One of my goals this year were to dress in all white, this far i have accomplished one of them. Lately I have been seeing more white than usual so I’m guessing that is the trend now. I’m always up for something new when it comes to fashion. According to my aunt “You don’t wear white after labor day”. Perhaps that tradition is played out and only older people follow that crazy rule. I’m so over tradition, I’m not even wearing white to my own wedding! Yep you heard it right, I will be wearing light pink to my wedding. So far the dressing according to tradition is very played out in my eyes.

 Dress how you feel & always Dress to kill. 

Spread Elegance <3 

Blouse-Forever 21

Pants- JcPenny’s

Shoes JcPenny’s


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