Pleats & Petals

You know what they say “a picture is worth 1,000 words”. I was so antsy to take pictures in this outfit I put together, I get so excited when I put something together and it looks fab! My style is undeniable, I’m always on the lookout to finding cute pieces in the thrift store! My skirt actually came from the thrift store, I was taken away when I saw it because it was just what I was looking for. The skirt reminded me of a garment off of the 90’s hit tv show (In living color). I love how people dressed in the 90’s, I will be on the hunt for more grand pieces. In the near future I will be investing in a good camera, but I think my iPhone 5s does the trick for now. I am still learning and maneuvering my way around the blog lifestyle and techniques! Thanks to all my readers that actually take the time out to read and not just look at my pictures! 

Stay fabulous and classy- Yalaina E’lori

Jewelry\Forever 21

Tank Top\Belks


Sandals\ TJ-MaxX


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