How to style the “Boyfriend Jeans”

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Lately I’ve been seeing quite a few style looks with people wearing boyfriend jeans and people asking me how to style them as that inspired me to do this post. I will start off by saying by far boyfriend jeans are the absolute best. I like to be comfortable but I do like to be cute”comfortable & cute”. I actually got these boyfriend jeans from a thrift store and they were brand new with tags still attached, I was ecstatic to wear my new baby’s. I had been searching for the perfect boyfriend jeans, since I’m beyond small it was quite a task to do so.
The first thing I look for when buying boyfriend jeans is

1. How loose they fit

2. How they compliment my figure 

3. The Length & rolling up properties 

Personally, I like my boyfriend jeans to fit loose so I can fall into my comfortable and cute zone. But, I like them to still compliment my figure while they are loose too. The length is a big deal because I’m super short & I like to keep it at good length, that way I can roll it up and still have something to adjust and work with. 

These particular jeans are KAI which can be found at the retail store buckle. By far these are the best boyfriend jeans I have. They are somewhat baggy but it’s fine I tweaked them to fit my style. The quality of the jeans are excellent and are constructed very well. Very comfortable to sit around in all day without having thoughts of “oh I can’t wait to get these jeans off”. I prefer to wear these when I have a lot to do and I can move around and be free while doing so.

The best way to style these jeans are to firstly identify the occasion, once you identify the occasion you have an idea of what to work with.  Decide if you would like to be causal or sporty.

The casual look I would suggest quite a few options. 

1. Sassy blouse with heels 

2. Cute blouse with adorable sandals and jewelry to compliment the sandals or color scheme 

3. Cute blouse with flat shoes 
The sporty look

1. Any type of shirt or blouse with tennis shoes

2. A jersey or over-sized T-shirt with tennis shoes.

The look I demonstrated is more of a casual comfortable look, as you can see I paired jeweled sandals with a simple blouse and added a necklace to compliment. On a “I’m really trying to be cute day” I would have definitely wore heels. I feel as if my life is incomplete without heels & I feel extremely basic but that’s another topic!

Do you own boyfriend jeans, if so where did your purchase them from?

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Yalaina E’lori 


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