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Hello People, Happy Wednesday! 

I hope everyone is enjoying the weather, we are exactly one week away from fall! Yay, exciting right or maybe it’s just me. I love the fall because you’re able to layer and wear light and heavy clothing. However, the summer was great so I picked this red dress to conclude the summer post. This may be one of my favorite pieces at the moment the red is so vibrant and eye catching. My mom is the only reason I decided to buy this dress actually. I’m one of those people who picks up a ton of items, and by checkout time I’m sorting through like hmm I don’t need this or that. So, my mother insisted that I get the dress so I did. The retail price was $65.00 I paid $32.00 at Dillard’s not too shabby. I am learning to invest my money in quality pieces, they last longer and are very durable. Don’t be afraid to cash out on some pieces that are expensive but worth it. It’s a great buying method to be able to critique what you are buying before you invest in it. Moreover, the season is changing so shop wisely buy fall pieces that you can layer in the winter time and still be able to wear. I hope everyone enjoyed the summer, you know it comes and goes. Personally, I was over summer it was extremely too hot for me. I will leave links to my items I am wearing below!

Elegantly E’lori–Be humble, be great & persistent.  

Shoes-Shoe dazzle (Similar) | Dress (Similar) Purse- Betsey Johnson  (Similar) Earrings Cato’s (Similar)

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