Sophisticated & Sporty

Lately I have been in one of my weird moods something like
not knowing what to talk about. Here goes…

This look I was trying to go for something sporty and yet precise
at the same time. A sharp look with a pinch of comfortableness. I’ve had to
adjust to not being able to wear heels, campus is way too large and the
distance in between classes is extremely long. My feet would literally fall off
if I tried to walk in heels to class. Which is why this look I put together
something edgy and cute but not too dressed down. On the bright side I do like
wearing sneakers so it’s not much of a problem for me.

This shoot was fun and I experienced something different far
as stepping out of my comfort zone. The weather was not the greatest but, I made
the best out of it as you can see. I really wasn’t in the mood for pictures I was
thinking they weren’t going to come out so good. The photos actually came out
perfect and since my face was beat that put the icing on top of the cake.

Each photo session I learn
something new about myself. You can’t let your current situation and
surroundings affect your mood. Don’t cancel plans because the weather isn’t the
best work through it. Every day isn’t going to be ideal but it’s what you make
out of it at the end of the day. Learn to adapt to the settings around you and
make the most out of it bad or good.

I was freezing and it was raining
on and off and this was actually one of my best shoots as I mentioned before.
It was interesting and fun to experiment with a new setting and bad weather.
Since my photographer is the greatest and encourages new ideas and such it was
a great experience.

Outfit details


Necklace// Perry Street-Rocksbox

Shirt// GAP

Blazer//Thrift Store


Sneakers// PUMA

Thanks for reading, all the love
is more than appreciated!

Until next time.

Yalaina E’lori XOXO


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