The Mix Up

the umbrella in all my last shoots because of the rain. Girlfriend jeans and
prints make the dream work apparently. Uncomfortable with rain and heels, heels
hurting my feet and my oh so sore back. But, I am managing to write this post
due to my overcrowded schedule with work and school while trying to maintain a
healthy social life and read a leisure book somewhere in the equation. I enjoy school
but it’s demanding and time consuming if you don’t know how to manage your time
well. I am in the process of balancing and figuring it all out still.

to the style scope. The weather has been super iffy due to global warming
(topic for my final paper). The day I did this shoot it wasn’t necessarily cold
just rainy. In the fall I like to wear neutral colors with bold warm colors as
well. The perfect way to styling your perfect fall wardrobe is neutral colors,
bold fall colors, and denim. Low-key obsessed with denim! Knits and warm color
tones with Chelsea boots and denim will set you on the right track for fall.

P.S. You can visually see me in
this outfit in my Style VLOG video HERE!

|| Similar, Top HERE || Similar,
Shoes HERE  || Jeans Similar HERE

Until next time! Thanks for
reading, all feedback is more than welcomed!

Truly, Yalaina E’lori 


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