I’m A …….

I’M A…….

Happy New Year! I hope everyone is transitioning into the new year well! But, perhaps I’m still writing 2015 instead of 2016.

I’m not a fan of the new year, new this or new year resolutions. Why wait for a new year to start? You should be making good choices and making your life better each and every day! Don’t use the new year excuse. So with that being said lets jump right into the changes I’ve made in my life since the last post! 

1. I’m a Pescatarian– The only meat I eat is fish! 

So, I don’t eat anything but fish when it comes down to meat

and I’ve been strong for 2 months! (YAY)

With the new change I eat tons of sushi, more greens and I try my best to stay away from processed food. I’ve noticed a big difference in my body overall, my energy levels, and my skin! 

2. I drink warm lemon and tea every single morning! 

3. I exercise 4-5 times a week! 

All of these changes were made before the new year, my goal is to simply stick with changes and remain consistent. Consistency is key! 

I’m not going to babble on too much about me being a Pescatarian but I will provide lots of more information and rules I stick by following the lifestyle in my next post. 

On that note…..


Going to leave you with pictures of my tasty meal from Red ginger, (Uptown Charlotte, NC) 

California sushi rolls (my favorite)

Sweet potato rolls  

 & the dinner combo 

Salmon and shrimp with rice and zucchini!

Outfit Deets 

Casual night in the Queen City. It was entirely to cold to wear heels or wear anything that wasn’t warm and suitable for the weather. So I picked something comfy and sleek to wear but still stylish.

All black with a pop of pink. 

Sweater – Express

Pants- Charlotte Russe

Boots- Calvin Klein

Boot Cuffs- Belks 

Until next time,

Thanks for reading, be sure to leave feedback I love hearing from you! 

Yalaina E’lori 


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