Denim Daze

I am so in love with this outfit. Cute, simple, and chic. I took on the first day of classes with my favorite heart breaker jeans they are super comfortable. I paired the jeans with the cheetah body suit that is going to come in handy this fall. Once summer is over I only buy pieces that are in between and I can wear them in the fall. 

One Simple Change: I could simply but a blazer or layer something on top of the sleeveless bodysuit in the fall.

I so adore my sandal heels that are from Just Fab, they elevate the look without overdoing it. 

I hate wearing flats and walking around campus in 5 inch heels is not an option for this girl over here. So, wearing the sandals with a small heel suites me perfectly. I like to be sorta different since it seems that everyone on my campus dresses the same. I’ve always put much thought in my outfits so there wasn’t a worry there. 

 Fall semester should be a breeze I think it goes by pretty fast with fall break, Thanksgiving break and Christmas break. My course load isn’t to bad but hey it’s only the first week of classes it can get a bit rough. Although I am happy and excited about this semester I will be more involved around campus and getting people more familiar with my blog. I would like to leave a footprint, I don’t have much time since I am entering my Junior/Senior year but I will make the most of the rest time on campus. 

 I am excited to continuously post more content here and on my YouTube Channel so please stay tuned!

BodySuit: Bebe 

Jeans: Bebe

Earrings: Bebe

Shoes: JustFab


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