Tips on building a better wardrobe!

Wasted money or wasted time, I’m not sure which one is worse. 

There’s nothing more mind boggling to waste your money on clothes that you will only wear once. The only way to stop wasting money on clothes is to be smart and think about what you are buying. Don’t go on pointless shopping trips that will result in excessive money being spent on items that are useless. Take the time to think about what it is that you need the most important thing to do is plan. Always, always have a plan. When buying an item think about at least two – three different things you can wear it with. You have to optimize and make the best decision when buying clothes. This will save you time and money in the long run.

Recently I have invested my time and money into finding great denim pieces. One because I love denim and it goes great with many of my clothing items. Denim is also very trendy right now which it never went out of style anyway. I will be posting videos on my youtube channel giving fashion advice on styling and how to build the perfect wardrobe so make sure you are subscribed! Subscribe here !

Thanks for reading, until next time read my last post here featuring more denim!

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