The Couture Power Conference // Toya Wright

The Couture Power Conference is a must attend event. The event was very noteworthy for entrepreneurs and socialites like myself. The event was hosted and created by Ashley Hunter born and raised in Greenville, NC. A brief overview of Ms. Ashley who is a young black woman killing it under 30. She started The Couture Power Conference to help millennial entrepreneurs and professionals gain insight on ways to ways unlock their future.

Ashley is the CEO and founder of The Couture Group a marketing and management firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Ashley Manages her own firm while also working in corporate America. She manages clients and helps them turn their dreams into reality with non-traditional approaches.

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I had the opportunity to network and engage with millennials that were driven with similar career and life goals. This event was all about empowerment, social media tips, and marketing.

The tips were very beneficial and I can definitely take and build from my experience. 

The panelist included entrepreneurs that started at a young age and also faced hardships developing their business and personal brand. 

Some of the panelists included Davon Bailey from Charlotte, NC CEO of EATWORKPLAYCLT. Bailey was very inspirational and is also a young black male killing it under 30. Bailey highlighted how he still manages to run his personal start-up business while also working a full-time corporate job.

Other Panelist including

VP Diversity and Inclusion for the Greenville Chamber of Commerce Nika White. Jil Littlejohn, the first woman president of the Urban League’s Upstate.  Jenny Hall a well-established blogger and boutique owner in the SC area. 

The inspiring and most humble soul Toya Wright was the keynote speaker. Toya gave advice and a small overview of her personal life, and how her experiences shaped her into a better woman and business woman. Toya explained how and why she decided to start her own publishing company. I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Wright and the opportunity to ask her “How does she align and keep business relationships from getting too personal, and how does she deal with it.” A brief overview of what she told me included, always keep business and personal relationships separate “that’s an explosion waiting to happen.” She also said she was dealing with something in that nature currently. Toya’s new book “How to lose a husband” is out and published, by her very own publishing company let’s talk about a girl boss. I also got my copy of How to Lose a Husband signed, how great!

The event was amazing and I am advising entrepreneurs and business professionals, to get out there network and attend events/conferences. Remember “It’s not what you know but who you know.”

Signing off: Yalaina E’lori was here

Ashley Hunter and I 

Ashley CEO and founder of The Couture Group

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