6 Tips on revamping denim!

Denim is a major staple and can go with almost anything. I’m from NC so the weather here is so tricky, it’s literally blazing one day and freezing the next. So, anyway I decided to do this denim outfit since it was really warm with a “Sweater Crop Top” if you let my grandma tell it’s “pneumonia weather.” I’ve lowkey been obsessed with denim so I wear it really often. The jean jacket I’m wearing is my absolute favorite it’s probably 20 years old! My auntie gave me this jacket like 10 years ago and she wore it forever until she outgrew it! So, I don’t plan on ever getting rid of it, I’m going to revamp it soon!

So yeah, I’m leaving links below on where to order the best denim pieces from! Don’t forget the thrift store, they have the best denim pieces literally. & the older the denim the better the quality and it looks better too. 

 Denim has really evolved, people have gotten so creative with denim.
6 Tips on how to revamp denim!

                                                     1. Add patches to your denim

                                                     2. Add paint to your denim

                                                     3. Add buttons to your denim

                                                     4. Add/ Rework different fabric on your denim

                                                     5.  Cut your denim and fray the ends on your pants or jacket.

                                                     6. Bleach it!                                   

              Best Denim Websites

            1. http://us.asos.com/women/
            2. http://us.topshop.com/
            3. http://us.riverisland.com/
            4. http://www.zara.com/us/

School has started back! It’s spring semester and I’m excited for warmer weather and spring break of course. But, while the weather is in between high and low, you can never go wrong with denim. “Don’t get sick out here trying to be cute”.

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I love your feedback and support! Thanks to all my readers that continue to read! Y’all the real MVP’S!

XOxo, Yalaina E’lori


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