A Dollar and A Dream

Life gets real! Real Quick!

I’ve had to learn and realize that nothing comes easy. You have to work hard for almost anything you want in life to call it your own. I want a healthy lifestyle, financial freedom and the ability to enjoy life 100%. Life is beyond short and each day I come to terms with this more.

Hopefully, we are all blessed and live long healthy and happy lives. Find your purpose and live in it. We were all put here for a reason believe it or not. I titled this blog post a dollar and a dream because most think you need lots of money to accomplish a goal and pursue a dream.

Which sometimes money may be the case but if you can stay true and show that you have passion and keep god first everything will fall in place. If you can make one dollar you can make another one, most importantly don’t let money control your direction. Don’t let money come in between your dreams/goals. Work hard, stay true to yourself and have faith that anything is possible. Ask god to direct your steps in the right direction.

1. What can you do differently in 2017 than you did in 2016 to get you closer to your dreams/goals?

2. Are you willing to go the extra mile? ( loosing sleep, and make fewer excuses)

The power is in ultimately in your hands! I want everyone to be successful in 2017 and achieve every goal and follow your dreams!

Let’s get it!

Welcome 2017
With Love Yalaina E’lori

Top: Boohoo
Duster: Boohoo
Pants: Zara
Shoes: Sears
Choker: TJMaxX
Purse: BEBE


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