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Hi, Everyone! So, this past weekend I took the time out to work on a simple creative project.Ultimately as a blogger, stylist, and brand, there is lots of hard work put in behind the scenes.You really need confidence and most importantly have faith in your brand, business or whatever you are working on.

It’s so easy to get distracted and mismanage time, then you look up and you have absolutely nothing to show for yourself at the end of the year. With that being sad, I am basically a slight example of that. I have mismanaged my personal time that I had to work on my brand and business in the past year. You really have to be dedicated, have a plan and stick to it.


1. School- School is important and after I’m done with school work I’m tired

2. Work- Going to work can take several hours of the day which leaves me tired and not wanting to work on my own personal agenda when I get off

3. Internship- Putting my creative mind and efforts towards that also results in me being tired (Mentally) afterward.


Finding balance is so essential and crucial when focusing on your brand

 3 simple ways that I have combatted wasting time and trying to be more consistent

1.Waking up earlier to focus on my own personal brand

2. Setting a STRICT time limit on every single task

3. Focusing on one thing at a time- focusing on too many things causes inefficiency


I can say when I stick to those simple rules above, I am a lot more productive and successful!

Please comment and let me know how you stay focused and manage your time while juggling day to day responsibilities!

Thank You for reading, I appreciate every single one of you that took your precious time out to read this post!

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