3 Reasons to Shop at Your Local Boutiques !

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This topic sparked because
1. I purchased this top from a local boutique here in Greensboro, NC
2. Lately, I’ve been shopping locally

OK, Leets get into!

I love clothes, shopping, and styling pieces that are unique. I can’t express enough how I much I get tired of seeing everyone with the exact same clothing   “Identical” and “everybody and their momma is wearing it”.

When shopping, I look for

  1. Quality
  2. Uniqueness 
  3. Versatility

3 Reasons why you should shop local!

I listed three factors that heavily weigh on how I pick my clothing. & Those reasons are why I tend to shop at local boutiques.

I know, I know! Shopping at local boutiques can be a little pricey sometimes, but you have to
find the right boutique. All boutiques in general, are not expensive.

Here’s why you should #ShopLocal!


1. Boutiques handpick items and spend time traveling to find great pieces that are good quality and what their average shopper is interested in. They will have inventory that you are interested in buying, you’re able to give direct feedback on what you like and don’t like. When you shop at large retailers they are not really concerned about what you want to see more of. Because they make enough money and consumers are going to shop there regardless.

Support Your Community

2. If you’re like me, I care about the local economy and I’m really big on trying to give back in some way. Everyone isn’t able to donate and give back, so why not support boutiques that you know are going to invest back into the local community. I shop at a local boutique here in Greensboro NC “Bohoblu“. Bohoblu is really involved in the local community and I respect their brand and values for that simple fact.

Personalized Experience

3. Boutique specialist/stylist spend devoted time on analyzing trends and picking the right pieces that resonate with the majority of their clientele style and requested style. Spending more money and time with a personal stylist at your local boutique will stimulate a relationship and help them bring items in that you request.

Thanks for reading this post! Check out my favorite online and local boutiques in Charlotte NC in my post >>   HERE!

Stay Fabulous, Elegantly E’lori


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