How to stay FLAWLESS all summer!


So here we are again meeting with summer and the scorching temperatures. I adore summer because she blesses me with a nice tan that I drastically need! 

So let me tell you how to keep your skin flawless this summer and top places to shop from

on a budget! 


First off you have to put the right things in your body to get the best results

1. Drink water, lots and lots of water

I drink about 1 gallon of water a day. This helps to keep my skin flushed and gives me a natural glow 24/7. It’s important that you drink enough water to keep your energy levels up. You want to continuously flush your body to get rid of harmful toxins and waste products.

2. Ditch the Razor!

You want to keep your skin smooth and flawless you definitely can’t do that with a razor. 

Razors can leave your skin bumpy and can cut up that beautiful skin you have. 

I cut myself with a razor two years ago and I’m still trying to get rid of the ugly scar it left behind. 

Try using VEET! I love VEET it leaves my skin super smooth but you must use it according to the instructions given. Also use vaseline around the skin so you don’t burn your outer skin.


I love waxing, but it super expensive. Try waxing atleast once and I promise you’ll love it. I usually go to the European wax center since they offer a discount for students (Student Id Required). I try to go get waxed when I have a special occasion coming up or I just want to treat myself. 

4. Get your eyebrows THREADED

Eyebrow threading is a lot better than eyebrow waxing. I immediately stop getting waxed when I broke out numerous times from the wax. I shifted to eyebrow threading three years ago and I will never go back to waxing. Eyebrow threading is natural and alludes your eyebrows to look more defined. The first time it is a bit painful but I promise it gives you better result than waxing and it last longer!


Working out keeps your skin flawless as well. Sweating helps to remove toxins from your body. Keeping the extra pounds of during summer is a must, you want to fit in that bathing suit you’ve been dying to get in. Yes, working out is a huge benefit for your body. You not only will look better but you will feel better too. You can do a home work out and search what body part you’d like to target on youtube. The gym is not always necessary, if you can’t get to the gym just do your home based work out. All you need is a yoga mat for exercising at home. 


Where to shop

Ballin on a Budget this Summer

I’ve linked five places to shop this summer that won’t break the bank!








Y’all won’t believe that I’ve had these sequin short for two year and never worn them once. I have so many clothes that I don’t touch and they’re just collecting dust. I really need to stop with these hoarding tendencies. I was going for a fun look since summer is here. The top is vintage, my mom gave it to me years ago and she wore it when she was in High-School so eghh it’s pretty old. I love older garment they speak to you in a different language. I paired this combo with my bold blue high heels, they’re so comfy. I purchased them from Shoedazzle, I also have the black pair as well. Always buy two colors if you have that option. Having the option of two or more gives you more to play with when building a consistent wardrobe. Invest in items that you really wear. 

Top//Vintage, Shorts//Forever21 similar HERE, Shoes//Shoedazzle similar HERE

Thank you for reading this post! Stay Fabulous – Stylishly Yalaina E’lori

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