5 Ways to Style a Jumpsuit or Romper

 5 Easy Ways to Styling a Jumpsuit or Romper



I’ve had this jumpsuit for so long and I was strung out on trying to piece ideas together on how to wear it. Since the jumpsuit is a bit big for me, I really had a hard time trying to figure out how I could make it look right on me. 

So today I have 5 ideas on how you can style yours!

  1. Add a cute shirt under like I did, and let the strap hang off. This works for the winter and summer adding a turtle neck or sweater will be super cute with booties.
  2. Add a belt to the jumpsuit to add some flavor to it and break it up if the jumpsuit has a busy print. 
  3. Monochromatic, If you have a jumpsuit that is just one plain color. Add a jacket or heels the same color to make the combo really pop!
  4. Add sneakers, for most that are not into wearing heels. Pair your jumpsuit with some dope sneakers.
  5. Break it up- Add a light jacket or blazer, mix it up with different prints. 

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