Yalaina E’lori x Couture Mannequin


What characteristics do you look for in your clothing pieces when you shop? I always look for pieces that speak to me about ME and reflect my personality. 

I choose clothes that fit according to my body and don’t swallow me.

However, I’ve had the opportunity to work with the Boutique Couture Mannequin. This is my second collaboration with them, first one here. They allowed me to freely style the item how I pleased. Their pieces are fierce and affordable. They sell pieces that are perfect for going out and transitional pieces. 

When buying your clothing make sure you look for quality, uniqueness, and versatility.  I can wear this crop with three different alternate items excluding the skirt I’m wearing. Think long term when buying, invest money into pieces that are built to last after one trip to the wash. I have a skirt from Couture Mannequin drizzle ion sequins and it still looks as if it’s brand new, and I’ve had it for a year now.

Quality over Quantity! 

Thank you, Couture Mannequin for collaborating with me once again. 

Check out their website HERE


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