Everything you need to know about NYFW – Yalaina E’lori

How do you attend? Where should you go? What should you do?

Okay, So I’ve been getting questions left and right since I’ve been to NYFW.

How to maneuver your way around?

I thought I would be so lost around NYFW since it was my first time going. But, everything was actually better than I expected it to be.

So, if you’re thinking about going, I say GO FOR IT. It’s a great experience if you do it the right way. Go to the right events, network as much as possible as soon as you step foot in New York.

Networking will help you gain many many privileges while you’re in New York. Remeber it’s all about “Who you know”. TRUST ME

So I’m giving all I got to you!

            1. How to Plan for NYFW
            2. Make a Budget
            3. Landing Sponsorships
            4. How to  Pack for NYFW
            5. Important Things to Know for NYFW

How to Plan for NYFW

SO I was so overwhelmed with planning for NYFW! Mainly because it was my first time going and I thought I wasn’t going to be able to do much as a blogger. You literally have to earn your stripes in the blogging atmosphere. Don’t expect to be front row at the Yeezy fashion show, Hey go for it but be realistic.

Plan ahead of time, I emailed so many PR Companies and Fashion Designers every day approaching NYFW. Do this one or two months ahead of time, that way you are not running around like a chicken with its head cut off when the time comes. 

I had a lot of success with emailing designers and PR companies. You can literally email 200 people and receive two emails back. So start early and solidify a few shows that way you have an official agenda. Make sure you attend the shows that invite you over the shows that did not and are free events open to everyone. 

The shows I attended by invite only were really great shows and at the main venue Skylight Clarkson sq. I had front row seats at every shows, I networked my way into some shows by networking with people. NETWORK, talking to people and being friendly and stylish will land you somewhere trust me. “Law of Attraction”


Make a Budget

Yes, you need a budget. Traveling to New York is expensive and extremely expensive if you don’t have a budget and mismanage your money. Mismanaging your money could put you in a really bad situation/bind when you return back home. Start planning early and make additional savings for just NYFW. So, make a budget specifically for Transportation, Food, Shopping, Lodging.

I did not create a budget the first time around and I wish I would have, it would have helped a ton. I did plan ahead and save for lodging and plane tickets which were purchased months ahead of time. Always buy your plane tickets and reserve your hotel’s room months out.  

Please understand that transportation in New York and food are not cheap. You are in a city that is a tourist, financial and commercial city, prices are a bit steep for food and transportation. 

But, if you make a budget and plan ahead you’re in good hands baby!


Landing Sponsorships

So, everyone wants to know how to land sponsorships as a blogger. I’m not a newbie blogger and it’s still a tad bit hard for me to land sponsorships. The easiest way to start is to start around your city or town you live in. Build relationships with local boutiques and different retailers in the area. Over time, building a relationship will show your loyalty and the company will trust you with promoting their brand. Once NYFW comes around it will be easy for you to consider asking them for a service or product with exchange for a promotion or sometimes even money depending. I’ve built relationships over the years with different brands and companies so when NYFW comes around it doesn’t seem as if I’m just asking for a handout.


What Should I Pack for NYFW

PACK EVERYTHING – Just kidding don’t do this especially if you’re flying. You will be charged extra if your bag is overweight, I can’t remember the weight exactly. Check the airline’s policy before traveling to make sure you don’t end up paying a lot of money just for a bag. Be yourself pack what works for you, if you’re going in February it’s super cold you’ll need heavy coats or you can layer up. But, if you’re going in September there may be rainy days, so layers and a stylish rain shoe. 

Dressing and what to pack depends on your personal style. I’m a girly girl, and I like my wardrobe colorful so that should say a lot. Try to only take one big suitcase, it’s easier this way when traveling. I packed somewhat light, yea right. I packed about three pairs of shoes and pieces that could be worn with more than one piece. I packed my steamer since a lot of my clothes shouldn’t be ironed. 

But most important of all be creative and be you, don’t try too hard and go with what you feel most comfortable in. Remember it’s your brand you are showcasing at all times. 

Make sure you buy travel cases and containers when flying, you can purchase them at Tj-Maxx. 


Important Things to Know for NYFW

1. Plan Ahead

2. Things may not go as planned, have a backup agenda

3. Explore the city out of your schedule

4. Always charge your camera and phone the night before

5. If you wear heels, pack a backup shoe if possible

6. Let someone know where you’re going if traveling alone

7. Plan your blog post and insta post ahead of time, since you may not have time to do so.

8. Tweet at the shows, and tag the designer.

9. Send a Thank You letter to the designer or PR Company

10. If you’re sitting front row, take great pics

11. Network with people before and after shows

12. Buy a small pocket notebook to write notes in 

Thanks for reading this post, It’s so much to cover but I did my best to tell you what you need to know for NYFW! Please email Yalainaeloristyles@gmail.com If you have any questions. 


Yalaina E’lori


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