Balling on a budget – College Students!

College Student, Balling on a budget?

What college student doesn’t want to look trendy and still have money in their pocket? 

UniDays is a student saving programs that allow student like you and me to save at places we shop at on the regular basis. UniDays has a blog that allows you to keep up with the trends and how other students are saving money. There are also weekly giveaways that college students can enter in. 

The membership is free to all students and takes about a second to verify your eligibility. Save money at retailers, Asos, ModCloth, Missguided and Apple music. 

This lovely, comfy dress I’m wearing from ModCloth which is a partner with UniDays. The quality is outstanding and even better that ModCloth offers Discount to students to make their clothing accessible and affordable. 

ModCloth has a unique selection of clothes. The clothes are hippy, expressive, and modern. The clothes are made to fit everyone which is why Modcloth specializes in offering plenty of sizes for any body type. 

ModCloth offer 15% saving for college students. Students can enjoy 15% off from ModCloth by just signing up with UniDays it’s free and simple. You can shop and not worry about breaking the bank or calling home asking for extra money. 

You purchased an outfit on Modcloth but not sure how to style it or wear it. ModCloth offers free styling appointments! Yep, you can consult with someone 1 on 1 to get the styling advice you need to upgrade your look. 

I have used Unidays for about a year now and I enjoy the free service that they offer to college students just to save money. You can simply sign up on UniDays or sign up by visiting ModCloth and clicking the college student savings option. 

Don’t miss out on free savings from your favorite brands it’s free and simple to sign up!

Sign up here!



This post is sponsored by Her Campus and UniDays. All opinions are solely my own. 


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