NYFW Day 3 – It’s okay to be EXTRA

Are you the Beyonce out of your friends?

& no not better than your friends but just a tad bit EXTRA compared to your friends

1. Are you the last one done getting ready?

2. Do you plan your outfits 30 – 60 days before the planned occasion?

3. Do you make an appt for makeup?

4. Are you changing into outfit after outfit to pick the perfect one? And asking for opinions of others with plans not to use any of them.

Then my dear, you are most definitely considered extra.

Okay, so I can’t quite say this was my favorite look because I absolutely loved all my looks for NYFW.

This look was very sparkly and enchanting with a dash of cayenne pepper.

As I’ve mentioned before I literally go off of my own inspo. I really like to challenge myself to see how creative a sista can really get. How creative can I be without looking at any inspiration.

I always aim to be myself and dig deep to bring my creative visuals to the forefront and present them in the best way possible.

But, it’s certainly okay to be extra! “Somebody gotta do it”


I love standing out, I love fashion, I breathe it I live it.

And I B A R G A I N H U N T.

This look was under $100 including shoes too! A steal right?

Look your best and perform your best. Be extra if you need to but humbly be extra. Do flaunt it as if your cocky wear it with confidence.



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