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Hey people! I was so excited to drop this content. Like, this shoot is too dope.

I really vibe off of my own vibes! Sounds weird but so true, I have so much stuff in store and content to put out into the atmosphere.

So this shoot was inspired by an idea I got since I am gravitating towards hosting s styling class (in the works).

The ultimate goal for me is to be a Stylist whether it’s for editorial or a major celebrity client.

My goal is to pursue a styling career. Alongside blogging, I’ll be a professional stylist as well. I can’t see myself doing anything else besides creating looks etc, and helping others bring their vision to a real-life masterpiece.

If you have an idea PURSUE IT. I know I stumped my own potential by not just going for it. I’m that friend that gives great advice but doesn’t take notes from myself. Yeah, that’s absolutely me. But seriously, time goes by super quick and you waste more time trying to take shortcuts with life. Truth is there are no shortcuts, you must put in 100%. 

You get back what you put in, 100% true. I tried taking shortcuts and in the long run, I really shorted myself. If you are interested in being an entrepreneur and working for yourself IT IS HARD WORK. Please, don’t be fooled and to intrigued by social media to touch the surface of that, those people work hard if they are doing things the legit way. 

I’ll be posting a video on this topic soon, to go more in-depth for all my people that are interested.


I never retire half my summer pieces, mainly because you can restyle them for winter. I peeped this snazzy dress on NASTYGAL and I’m like okay it’s a summer dress, but we can work with that. 


If you don’t want to retire the summer staple don’t. Add to it! Can you add something to it to make it more wintery? In my case, I added a nice cozy turtleneck and tights. So in love with my tights, they were $4 and just have little diamonds all over them. But, you can totally add to your summer pieces to make them cohesive for the winter weather.

Moral of the story, get creative and figure out how you can make a piece you have transition into the next season. 

Photographer @OfficialLonzo (Greenville,NC)

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