5 Christmas Gifts worth giving

We all go above and beyond for Christmas and the best gifts are sentimental and things that we can use in our everyday lives. 

People have given me some great gifts that were so thoughtful, over the years, and things I would never think to give. 

(1) Books

What books inspired you this year?

I read two books that inspired me this year.

1. Make Today Count – John. C Maxwell 

Family, money, life, and health. This book covered important principles in life and really inspired me to take advantage of every single moment. This is a great read no matter how old you are and I’m sure it will move you!

2. Think & Grow Rich – Napolean Hill 

How to focus on opportunity around you. Making the most out of life and seeing only solutions and no problems. Very good read for my entrepreneurs and my hustlers out there! 

(2) Essential Oils 

         Peppermint Oil: Smells good and it stimulates the mind. Freshens your house up and can be mixed with other natural cleaners. I prefer putting it in my aromafier at night, it soothes me an helps me wind down. You can also use it on your skin and in your bathwater

     Other Favorites


      Lemon Grass


(3) Aromafier 

Good for putting your essential oils in, safer to use instead of air freshener. It’s portable and you can use it in your car, it also takes batteries. Such a cute gift for someone who loves refreshing smells. 

(4) Portable Chargers 

Every girl could use a portable charger. I know my phone is always dying, the perfect gift for your girlfriend!

(5) Notebooks & Planners

A great gift for your ambitious friends, so they can write down their goals and big plans for the year. It’s always thoughtful to give someone a nice planner and a cute handy notebook they can actually use. 



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