Hey Yall’

Like I’m literally crying typing this post because so many good things are happening in my life at the moment. And, GOD has shown me nothing but realness and truth all year! I absolutely love blogging, this is such an intimate part of my life and, I’m happy to have all of you following this life journey with me. 


You are only as limited as you think you are. People there are no limits, you can dream to infinity and beyond. I really struggled with many things in my life this year, but I learned so much about myself and how strong I am. I struggled with a college course for two years and I finally passed. I worked so hard, when I say hard I mean hard. Like, I pushed myself passed limits that I didn’t know was possible. I just kept the faith, I went in every day with a positive spirit, and attitude nothing less. When things got hard I spoke up. STOP being afraid to speak up when things get difficult, that was my problem. “When you fall short ask for help”.  But, always have faith, faith got me through this semester and some troubling life moments this year.  

Best Version

In 2018 I’m striving to be the best version of myself that I can be no exceptions. I will no longer have a negative attitude about anything and be positive through the good and the bad days. I will work up to my full potential in every aspect of my life. I won’t be lazy when it comes to others’ plans and treat them like my own. All you need is a mission plan and, just stick to it. You Owe it to yourself! 

Law of Attraction

You have to believe it can happen before it actually manifests. Speak it into existence and follow your plan. Write it down every day and stick to the plan like its nobody’s business. Perfect your craft and focus on getting better, whether it’s school, business, or family. “Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best.”You will soon start to see doors opening right before your eyes. Opportunities will come straight to you, just stay on your course. 

Metallic Everywhere

I love metallic it’s perfect for the holiday season. You can dress it up or down, switch it, twist it and do whatever and kill SH!T. Metallic is always in, especially for New Years and Christmas. I will probably pair this shirt, with a skirt and heels on new years to make it a bit more partyish. Similar outfit deets linked below. 

 “Be passionate about every step you take in life.”

Forever Fabulous – Yalaina E’lori

Photography by OfficialLonzo


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