What’s The Cost?

Blood, Sweat & Tears. NO SERIOUSLY.

I’ve been really lazy about getting around to this post. I was in a rut. I didn’t know what to write about, well I did but I just couldn’t express myself. The truth about fashion is, you think the stylish people have it all together but we don’t. I’ve been working on so many things, sometimes it’s difficult for me to put looks together that are coherent. So sometimes, style is just like writing you just can’t find what you’re trying to express. Writer’s block or should we say style block? 

The fashion industry is hard work, you constantly have to keep up with trends, what high fashion models are in style. What’s the forecast for the next season. It’s a lot of upkeep well keeping up. It’s a must that you know designers and upcoming designers. Depending on what industry you would like to partake in. I personally aim to be a personal stylist, and I want to do editorial as well. 

But, it’s hard work. You have to get in where you fit in and keep working hard no talents shall be wasted PERIOD. 

I love pink, I will wear pink on pink, every day if I could. It’s feminine and also a power color. Monochromatic looks are powerful and daring most people don’t do it because it’s drastic and very powerful. 

I so hate when people say omg you’re wearing the same color on top of each other. Yes, Yes and Yes. As I’ve expressed many times before there are no limits. Monochromatic looks are the bomb and necessary.  If you feel comfortable with playing with your style go for it. Style is all about fun, now don’t go out here being tacky sis. Yall know what I mean, if you need advice. I’m open to giving advice it splurges creativity, email me at yalainaeloristyles@gmail.com

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Forever Fabulous, Yalaina E’lori

Photography by OfficialLonzo



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