3 Ways to Wear Boots in The Spring

Spring fashion what to wear

Y’all i’m in “Operation Get my Life Together 24/7”

Deadline, Deadlines and mo’ deadlines, like when does it end? Never, Apparently! I really never wanted to grow up, like can y’all just build me a guesthouse in the back and we good. I’m kidding, my favorite lines growing up “I can’t wait to get out of this house” or “I can’t wait to be grown’. Let’s just say my depiction was not what I am experiencing right now as I somehow balance my “EXTRA” lifestyle. No complaints, life is great. It’s challenging but somehow i’m seamlessly figuring it out day by day! 

Spring is near!

Who’s excited because I am. Spring signifies rebirth of what you always thought life could be after a cold winter. I’m on every website checking for the “New,New”. I’m all for colors, I need life and more life, don’t bore me with your wardrobe, PLEASE! Fashion and style should be fun, that’s why you always catch me in popping prints and colors.  

So are boots acceptable for Spring sis?

It’s a yes for me! Because, in the spring it’s not completely scorching “sweat running down ya back” hot yet, so we have a few options here! 

1. OTK Boots with a cute springy dress or skirt as I have in this combo.


OTK Boots with shorts and a duster or light jacket. 

2. Chelsea Boots with a light top and paired with jeans.

3. Ankle Boots with a long or short flowy dress

(Wendy’s Lookbook) *I do not own this photo*

Spring fashion what to wear

Spring fashion what to wear

Spring fashion what to wear

Spring fashion what to wear

Spring fashion what to wear

Spring fashion what to wear

I hope you are leaving a little more inspired and stylish!

Outfit details below, thanks for visiting! 

I linked the skirt and jacket I am wearing, the other’s items are sold out, similar items are linked.

Photographer: OfficialLonzo


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