Little Red Dress & Valentine’s Day Outfits

I’m not sure how Valentine’s Day snuck up on us so quickly but, one thing is for sure, I will be spending it alone.

Me x My Bank Account x Krispy Kreme x Spa Date

In today’s society, we hold so much value on having a significant other, but it’s not that big of a deal, well to me anyway.

I’m completely fine with spending Valentine’s Day by myself perhaps, or with my girlfriends and let’s not forget about Target.

I’ve compiled some cute outfit ideas if you’re spending Valentine’s Day alone, with friends or with “Bae”.

I ordered this little red dress from ASOS and it super snug. I would definitely wear this dress out on a date paired with this edgy jean jacket and heels to elevate the look. Ladies, please don’t bring those flats out for Valentine’s Day I will not accept it, No Ma’am. I’m more of a throw on a dress and heels type of girl but there are other options that don’t include wearing a dress below. 

But, if you’re more like me and you just like wearing dresses regardless of the situation, go for it sis!

Enjoy Valentine’s Day even if you’re spending it alone make it special!

“how you love yourself is
how you teach others
to love you” 
Rupi KaurMilk and Honey

“It starts with love for YOURSELF every other relationship is a bonus” Beyoncé 


Forever Fabulous – Yalaina E’lori

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