A Breath of Spring Air

Happy Spring!

Hey Spring, sis we’ve been waiting for you! I just want spring to be full of fresh air, less baggage, and all different shades of pastels. 

But, to catch up a bit. I am thankful that I am able to witness another season. It’s beautiful to watch the seasons change, you appreciate life a little more. But, anyway this week I felt defeated over a few things and I started seeing post from some of my friends that are on facebook and others that are dealing with life challenges, life challenges such as health conditions and much more. One person/blogger that I have been watching very close is Kyrzayda who is currently battling cancer.

Kyryzayda has given me so much inspiration as she graciously fights cancer, you can check her blog out here. I mentioned her because no matter how hard life gets we cant give up we have to FIGHT back, and she is the perfect example for fighting back. Seasons come and go and we’re giving new test and new breath of life along the way.

This spring I’m aiming to be more focused, diligent, and, appreciative. 

Tulle and Pink Bodysuit

Y’all know I love playing with textures and fun garments. I had been eyeing this skirt on ASOS for quite some time, but it wasn’t in my budget unfortunately. But, I like stalk items and sign up for email alerts so I can get first dibs when they go on sale. 

This combo is so soft and perfect for spring. Soft pink is ultimate go to for spring. Tulle is forever a favorite for me, it’s lightweight and you’re bound to make a statement in tulle. You’re never to old for tulle, just wear it appropriately.

I hope you enjoyed this post and you got some inspiration from it!  Stay tuned I’ll be posting more spring looks soon. I linked similar products below!

Forever Fabulous, Yalaina E’lori. 


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