The Boyfriend Shirt

“If you never do, you’ll never know what could happen.”

Hey Chickens! A classmate of mine started using this with a group of international students and they didn’t understand the term; I think it’s just something we use i’m not sure where it derived from. 

But,  whats new in life for y’all? I think I have decided to get an accountability partner! Just someone to check in on me every week, and make sure i’m sticking to my goals and carrying out what I said I would do. The biggest thing for me lately has been just doing it, I go through rough patches where I wan’t to see results immediately and it doesn’t work like that, you have to be patient. I’ve been really impatient lately and beating myself up about things that I know I can change, I have just invested little to discipline. It comes to a point where you’re like okay, enough is enough either you’re going to change or accept this position forever. I’m excited to see where my journey takes me but do believe I have a lot of personal traits that have to be changed. 

The Boyfriend Shirt

I think it’s insane how many ways you can wear the boyfriend shirt. I finally got my hands on one, I believe it’s a staple that we all should have. It’s easy to dress it up or down, it can be worn simple or taken over the top.

Here I paired these blue River Island boots (Similar here) with my boyfriend shirt, one because it was cold, and two because it was added some flair to the outfit. I ordered the boyfriend shirt from ASOS, i’ll link a similar one below. I purchased this particular one because it has ties in the back to adjust it, since it can run a bit large.

This is my go to shirt when in a rush and can’t think of anything to put on, I can easily pair it with other items and it always adds to a look or completes it. So, definitely invest in a quality boyfriend shirt it’s a staple.

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