Towel Series #23

Happy Birthday to me 2/28/1995! #TowelSeries

Welcome to the Towel Series! I am beyond blessed to have celebrated another birthday, another year around the sun.

I’m so extra when it comes down to my birthday, I think it’s necessary.

On February 28th I celebrated 22 years of life! I still can’t believe I’m 23, I’m going to hesitate a bit when people ask my age for the next two months. After you get used to saying something for so long it’s just sticks, & I really didn’t want to turn 23. I really wish we could pick an age and stay that age for however long we’d like. 

But anyway, I’m thankful to have turned 23. It’s a requirement for me to fabulously celebrate my birthday. I normally do a photo shoot every year, I’m literally thinking right now what I want to do for 24. I like to reflect and have something that I can look back at throughout the years. Photos help me to remember exactly how I was feeling, what I was going through at the time, and most importantly how I overcame what I went through during the year.

Every year I learn something new about myself as we all do as humans. But lately, I’ve been a big fan of personal development, learning new ways to express myself gently and be honest with myself about things. I assess my life after a birthday to figure out what I should be doing differently, and how I can attain my new goals, and revamp my “life” plans.

Simply saying I can’t be or shouldn’t be in the same spot I was in the year before. Ever year I aim to be better on a personal and professional note. 

 Photography Captured by WellKnown Studios – Location used// Duncan Estate 

I’m so happy with the woman I’m becoming and excited to share more moments!

23 Whasssss good?

There will be more to come, thanks for reading! 

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