WhoWhatWear – Hoodie Dreams

Hey Bae’s! I know it’s been a while but ya girl’ is really busy, just trying to maintain and be a functional adult, college senior, and make these coins!

You know how i’m rolling no excuses! But, let’s get into this red WhoWhatWear Hoodie that I purchased from target on a soap and chocolate trip!

I was so excited about this hoodie calling my friends on facetime like “Isn’t this cute” and they’re like Yalaina it’s just a red hoodie and i’m like “this ain’t a regular red hoodie”! All I need is support that this isn’t another impulse buy, give me a break guys! I enjoy my planned trips to target, I know I cant be the only one. 

So, the SLEEVES are exaggerated on this hoodie and it just adds more drama than I do to my life! 


It’s cropped and perfect for my petite body, I like adding pieces that really compliment my body.

I effortlessly styled this hoodie with a leather skirt from BEBE,  it was so simple and easy, which is why it’s not considered regular.

However, this special red hoodie is sold out, I linked some similar hoodies.

Fashionably late,

Yalaina E’lori was here.

Photo Credit : Official Lonzo


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