In My Calvin’s

Hey people! 

So I think I’m getting better at managing my time, I really try to utilize every single minute possible!

A little about my outfit, I’m obsessed with these Calvin Klein leggings I purchased from ASOS, Uber comfortable.  I really abused these during my trip to Europe, they were so comfy to travel in. I linked some cool comfy gear below for the spring and summer.

You can dress planing leggings up or down. I could easily thrown on sneakers or booties with this fit. A lot of the times we think we need more but, it’s really all about learning how to work your less.

You can create tons of looks around one piece, it’s cool to have a lot of clothes but if you’re not utilizing them items useless. When you buy think about how and what else you can wear it with. Also, play with your wardrobe, take time out on the weekend and try on outfits, toss things you haven’t worn in a decade!

For every piece that you toss out, replace with something you need. You get the most out of your wardrobe when the basics are available and handy. Swap out those pieces with what you really need and you’ll see a change in your wardrobe.

“Learning how to work your less”

Advice for the week!

There is absolutely no reason to complain about what you don’t have, use what you got! I always mentioned how I started off with my iPhone capturing my blog photos. Start where you are and you’ll be blessed with more. How do you know if you’ll be able to work with more if you haven’t utilized what you already have and exhausted it. We create problems that we don’t have by not seeing the opportunity that’s right in front of us. I’ve been taking my own advice here lately and utilizing everything I posses right now in this moment.

“Don’t trip off what you don’t have, work for what you want”

With style and grace,

Yalaina E’lori 



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