Summer Dreams!

Hey Yall’

I just want to lay on the beach and soak up Vitamin D all summer! I love a nice tan it  really events out my skin.

I’m not a big fan of heavy makeup in the summer, most of my makeup will be fresh and light. I’ll definitely be overdosing with macs bronzer and strobe cream.  I use Maybelline fit foundation in (350) in the summer, it goes on super light. 

Yellow Jumpsuit 

I scooped up this Yellow Jumpsuit from target on a random target trip. I know I can’t be the only one that goes to target for one item and ends up with a whole cart full of stuff. Target is such a guilty pleasure of mine.  

 Jumpsuits are perfect for the summer,  a little challenging when using the restroom but they are comfortable.  Bright hues for the summer to compliment my mood and personality. Yellow is my happy color,  it makes me feel alive.

Everything you choose to allow in your life should make you feel alive and happy. I’ve vowed to only purchase things that decorate my life beautifully. Be selective and picky, but decisive. We’re only here once so i’m making sure that I choose wisely. Buying only things that I love, spending time with people that make me laugh to my stomach hurts; and enjoying every second of life. 

This summer will be full of random trips to target, long summer nights, and endless dreams. 


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