Fly & Motivated

Hey Y’all!

I’m pretty sure
everyone is tired of the summer by now and it just started, but the heat ain’t
for me! Funny, I hate being cold but don’t want to be hot either “shrugs”.

Currently loving life
and embracing the good and the bad. I’ve been extremely focused lately and actually disciplining myself like a great parent




Staying Focused


Why did I


I’ve been reflecting a
lot lately on why I started my blog, sometimes you have to remind yourself of
why you started and remember the goals you set.



The main reason why I
didn’t stay focused before because I was distracted. There will always be
distractions, I learned how to deal with my distractions now I’m in a much
better place.



I didn’t have any
discipline, you have to be honest with yourself especially when you don’t see
the growth.

I would always ask
myself why am I in the same place? Sis, because you don’t have any discipline
and you aren’t changing your bad habits.

Discipline is not
easy, you have to work at it everyday and make a choice.

As J.Cole would say “Choose Wisely”

Your choices define
your values!

IT and I Will DO IT!


Whenever I feel like
giving up, I talk myself out of it and speak on all the reasons why I can’t


Through negativity you have to push through, I learned how to ignore
people. The only person that has to believe in your vision is you! Create a
plan and work it. You will burn out if you just work, work, work, without a


My Outfit

So in love with these
Zara High Wasted pants, I found them for under $15 at TJ-MaXX, a STEAL right?

I love Zara, they
always have the most intriguing patterns with the perfect color pop. The blue is
what caught my eye. I paired it with this pink crop to add some fun to the
outfit since I decided to pair with a blue pump.

Where to wear?

Network Mixer – People are attracted to prints and colors, it’ll definitely
make you stand out!

Anywhere, were you’re
aiming to stand out and be unapologetically bold!

I linked some similar
items below!

Thanks so much for

Stay Fabulous – Yalaina


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