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Hey Yall’

I’m so thankful for everyone that’s inspired by my blog. I really hope that someone launches their business they’ve been sleeping on. I hope you take the first step to changing your life. “You’re one decision away from changing your life.”

For everyone out there that’s struggling or battling with something not detectable with the human eye, I pray that you push forward and keep going. I continuously ask god to push me outside of my comfort zone, as we all want to be comfortable. Sometimes you have to get uncomfortable to live a more comfortable life. Every week I set new goals and challenge myself, to do something outside of my comfort zone.

Now when I make “Grown up decisions” I’m like does this reflect who I really am? Is this true to my purpose? Could I have done better?

Yalaina Elori Yalaina Elori

Although, I wan’t to move out of my comfort zone….

I also have to ask myself logical and thought provoking questions that help me understand why I’m really doing something.

What are the benefits of me moving outside of my comfort zone? Because I know when I move outside my comfort zone, I learn so much about myself and honestly, and truly, we don’t know ourselves as well as we think we do!

& when I push past my comfort zone, I get in tune with who I really am and find out exactly what I am capable of!

Yalaina Elori Yalaina Elori

“Stop sleeping on yourself”

“You’re Great”

“You’re Awesome”

You can do anything I mean anything you put your mind too!”

When you find yourself struggling through the week, repeat these affirmations to yourself!

Speak life into things you struggle with!

I’m rooting for all of us to win!

With love and style – Yalaina E’lori was here 


Yalaina Elori Yalaina Elori Yalaina Elori

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