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The following is sponsored by Summer’s Eve®, however the opinions are my own.

Self-love is the best love! That includes taking extra care of your mental space and body! I’m really passionate about loving your body in all the right ways and using products that are good for your body without DYES, PARABENS, or ALCOHOL!

My morning routine is simple, I wash my face with nothing but water and use witch hazel and I spray a little rose-water on my face after. My time-consuming routine is at night, I believe in taking care of things at night, getting lots of rest, and drinking plenty of water. Beauty rest is important at night, your body goes into recovery mode at night, skin cells repair and everything heals and gets ready for the next business day.

My Night Time  (Face Routine)

I use a mild cleanser on my face (soap free) I love it because it doesn’t dry out my face!I also do a mud-mask that draws out those extra impurities that witch hazel and soap won’t quite get. I love it my skin feels so refreshed and it leaves your skin with a healthy glow.

After my Mud-Mask I tone with witch hazel &  I apply tea-tree oil on problem acne spots, and let them heal on their own. Stop popping your bumps they leave an ugly scar, just apply tea-tree oil as needed which will heal the scar and remove bacteria.

My Night-Time (Body Routine)

I swear by using a gentle soap on my skin it makes my skin soft, supple , and leaves me glowing. I follow-up with Simply Summer’s Eve® New Simply Products that are amazing! Honestly speaking, I really enjoy using the new Simple Products they’ve created with ingredients that don’t contain, Dyes, Parabens, or Alcohol!

Simply Summer’s Eve® is balanced to my natural PH, I love using Simply Summer’s Eve® because I feel so much better using a product that I know is safe to use and won’t harm my lady-parts.

On the go routine

I love that Summer’s Eve®  thought to make a wipe that you can take on the go, after the gym or pool I don’t hit a shower right after, I love Simply Summer’s Eve®  on the go lavender wipes that fit easily in purse and gym bag.

 Take care of your body and use products that love your body just as much as you do!

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