What to Wear to a Fall Wedding

What to Wear to a Fall Wedding

Hey Y’all! Somehow I found my way to write this blog post, I’ve been in this self care state of mind, like taking a warm bubble bath everyday and trying to get my skin back right, she’s been tripping lately and i’m really not sure why. So I’ve been getting lots of rest and drinking lots of water outside of working.

Let’s Layer

This post is all about what you should be wearing to a fall wedding. This is a dress/jacket that can be worn as both. I’m all about making pieces functional and getting lots of use out of them. Fall Weddings are fun and casual, and things can get a bit hot during the reception. I have a simple nude dress on (From Zara) under that’s very appropriate to wear at the reception, slip off the heavier dress by just untying. Functionality is what I love, fall weather can be cooler at night so you may need to slip something back on at night.

Not into layering 

You’re not into layering? Cool. You can always just wear the heavier dress but if things get hot you’ll have to either deal with it or deal with the hassle of changing.

  1. It’s fall so you can definitely wear a simple slip dress, a bit airy and it won’t be a inconvenience at the reception.             If it’s plain/simple add accessories. A light kimono for the chill afterwards.
  2.  Maxi Dress, not to heavy and most are comfortable. If it has a pattern keep things simple and wear shoes that aren’t too loud. Accessorize.
  3. Kimono dress, I so love these for fall weddings. Especially silk kimono’s they’re really sexy and your hair, shoes and accessories can be simple if your main piece (Kimono Dress) is a number that stands out.
  4. The go-to dress, Form Fitting dress. Definitely my least favorite cause it doesn’t work for me. But for some this may make you feel comfortable. If you choose this option wear block or subtle heels so you still look a bit formal/casual.
  5. The Jumpsuit, this is honestly probably my next favorite. It’s become so popular over the past few years. Super comfortable and can be dressed up or down and I just love it! Add nice jewelry, and I love the messy updo or chill hair with this option. It’s a vibe!

The Shoes
Open toe or close toe shoes for fall are ideal, whatever makes you feel good and compliments your outfit. Also, keep a pair of comfy shoes we are not wearing heels all night sis.

My open toe block heels are from Shoe-dazzle, I’ll link similar ones below.  My Dress/Jacket is sold out, i’ll link similar one below

Yalaina E'lori

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