3 Ways To Improve Your Brand In 30 Days

You can improve your brand in 30 Days with these 3 simple and effective strategies. I promise I wouldn’t ever recommend or suggest things that haven’t worked for me.

When I decided to take my brand serious, I wish I knew these three simple strategies to improve my brand. Implement these strategies and you will definitely see a change in 30 days or less. Once you start taking your brand serious others will too. These are not get rich quick tips, you still have to put in a ton of hard work. Nothing works without hard work, don’t expect a change if you’re not willing to do the work.


Before Applying These Strategies

  1. Identify what you haven’t done, what have you been putting off?
  2. Be honest with yourself about your shortcomings
  3. Write down a list of things you need to change that are hindering your growth

When I take inventory of what’s going on in my life I always start with being honest with myself. A lot of times we want to grow but we skip over and play around with the things that really need to be done. Once you start with being honest with yourself and get clear about your goals and the end goal, you will do the necessary to achieve your goals.

3 Ways To Improve Your Brand In 30 Day


Honestly, I really thought I could grow my blog and gain momentum without being consistent. Consistency is a big deal people will not take you seriously if they only hear from you, or see your content every once in a blue moon. Once I started being consistent my traffic grew tremendously and I really started to see things happen for me. When I say consistency, I mean you have to work at it every day or at least 90% of the time. It’s the minor tweaking that we forget about. I use to put my focus on things that weren’t beneficial to my brand if it’s not going to help you grow don’t invest your time.

Now I’m at a point where I’m consistently working and producing content on a consistent basis. I’m truly baffled at how lightly I took consistency, I can’t stress this enough how big consistency is. Be consistent for 30 days in the most effective way possible and you should see growth in some area of your brand/business.

Consistency Makes You Relevant!

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How are people going to identify your brand without a logo? Logos are Important if you want others to take your brand/business serious. If you don’t have the money right now to invest in someone to design you one there are plenty of free online resources, that you can create a logo on for the time being. Building a brand and business requires you to be resourceful.

Be consistent with the aesthetic of your brand/business, people will recognize and be able to quickly distinguish you and your products from others if you are consistent with your branding concept. You really want people to be able to identify your brand/business as soon as they see it. You don’t need an extreme logo or something that is oddly different, just something that is clear and resonates with your brand/business.

3.Have a Plan

Start by making a 30-day plan, write down exactly what you’re going to do and how you plan on sticking to it. In the past I use to execute without any type of plan, I realized I need to see it and record what I have and haven’t been doing. When you don’t see the result that you imagined you start by taking inventory of what you did and didn’t do, what worked and what didn’t work. I try things out for 30-Days before ruling the whole idea out. A plan will give you a clear vision of what you should be doing every single day for your brand/business. Focus on the areas that aren’t growing most importantly.

I hope these 3 simple strategies help you improve your brand and help you grow! Remember the only way to get better is to work at it day in and day out.



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