Fall Blues

Hey Y’all!

Summer why’d you leave us? I’m not a big fan of summer but fall and winter aren’t really my thing either. I like fall somewhat but it’s so confusing in the beginning because it 30 degrees when you leave home and like 80 during the day.

I’m really obsessed with this cropped sweatshirt from H&M. I think it was only about $14, it’s a great basic to have for the fall and winter. Pieces like this you can layer and dress them up or down. I’m all into the oversized trend right now so I’ve been buying a lot of things that are way bigger than me! It’s really a wave, for clothes to fit bigger on women now and I like it. I like fitted clothing sometimes, depending on what it is. But, for the fall and colder temperatures I like my clothes bigger and comfy.


Let’s catch up

Lately I’ve been battling with anxiety so I find comfort in music and sermons on youtube and lots of baths. I aim to keep things 100% real over here so…

My happy song is: Sky Walker by Miguel & Travis Scott, It just makes me feel like I can let me hair down and be okay with the good and the bad.

My Guilty Pleasure: Tea and Honey, my favorite is Yogi – Positive mood, literally boost my mood and helps me to relax

Favorite Scent: Essential Oil, my favorite is Lavender Oil it relaxes my body, I dab it on my neck and drop some around the my bed on the rug in my bedroom after a relaxing shower.

I’ve just accepted that I’m going to have anxiety, so i’ve found ways to help me through to deal with it. Before I would beat myself up about it, now i’m acceptive and I just deal with it accordingly.

Hey October 

Seriously not sure where the whole year went but I’m still trying to get my life together! I’m sure i’m not the only one saying “October is mine, time to get my sh** together”. It’s always a constant battle to change things and get better, but now i’m realizing as long as you are making progress and the needle is moving you’re okay!


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