Five On Trend Fall Pieces

Hey, Y’all! I’ve compiled five fall essentials you definitely need in your wardrobe, that are trending. You’ll be able to create a look in less than five minutes if you grab these items. All items I’ve picked are under $100.

 I promise I’m not a fan of the weather right now, NC weather is so wishy-washy. It literally feels like winter already, I’m exaggerating a tad bit but it’s close to it. I’ve definitely walked out of the house wearing a sweater and coat almost every day this week.

1.Biker Jacket

How to wear it (See Here)

2.Oversized Sweater

How to wear it (See Here)

3.Ankle Boots
How to wear it (See here)

4.Leopard Print 

How to wear it (See here)

5. Fall Accessories

Where are you shopping for fall? What’s your budget to create a wardrobe that will last and can transition over to winter?

Thanks so much for reading, words can’t explain how much I appreciate all of your comments and support!

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