How To Start A Blog In College


Start a blog in collegeHow To Start A Blog In College


If you’re in college and want to start a blog, Go For It! The only thing you are doing right now is wasting time sitting on the idea and not starting. One of my biggest mistakes was not taking myself and my blog serious. So many girls ask me “Where should I start”?, “What should I do”?, and “How should I do It”?. Please, don’t overthink it, my answer to all of these questions is “Just Start”. Once you start you’ll answer many of your own questions.


College is the best time to start a blog. I started my blog freshman year of college. I truly love fashion and starting a blog was definitely my way of expressing myself unapologetically. When I first started blogging I had no intentions on monetizing my blog, I was just blogging for the fun of it. I enjoyed blogging without making any money, money wasn’t my intention.

As I started blogging on a semi-consistent basis, more opportunities came my way. The less I invested in my blog the less I got, the more work I put in the more I got. You know what they say, “You get what you give”. I encourage anyone that wants to start a blog to have a passion for it. I always had a passion for blogging (Talking about fashion, styling, and creating) but lacked direction, the direction will become clearer over a period of time of consistent work. You can make a plan and stick to that plan and see how things work, if they don’t work as planned, take it back to the drawing board. Restrategize!

Where Should You Start?

Niche, Direction, Scope, and Speed. 

First, you need to identify what your niche is going to be, what are you going to blog about (fashion, fitness, lifestyle).

Once you identify what you’re going to blog about you can start creating content ideas. 

Creating Content

Create content ideas that surround your niche. If fitness is your niche then blog about (how to stay fit in college),(How to college meal prep on a budget without a kitchen). Students in college are so eager to find a way to do something, and if you know how, people will tune in if they want to learn. People are more likely to listen to people with similar interest and goals!

Honestly, creating content is the easy part. Let’s talk about planning!


Planning is the most important process. When I didn’t plan out my content and how I was going to get something done things were beyond chaotic. But, I do think since you have to plan in college anyway, you have an idea of how you to plan. Plan but plan effectively, make realistic deadlines and always put your school work first.

How do I plan

At the end of every month plan for next month. Write down everything due for school, such as testing dates, study breaks, and any and everything dealing with school.  After you’ve jotted down the things that are a priority, schedule in time for your blog.

You Need Hosting


Hosting provides a space for you to launch your own personal domain name, I recommend purchasing a domain it’s more professional. If I didn’t purchase a domain my site would be – Way too long and it’s harder for people to find you VS. having – simple and efficient.

Choose a domain name that you are truly comfortable with and resonates with your brand/business, hosting is under $10 a month.

I started with Godaddy but now use SiteGround.

Siteground is perfect and has reasonable pricing and they offer 24/7 support if your site goes down.

Sign up for site ground. (Here)

Create A Blog

I started off with Blogspot a platform on google. Blogspot was great for just starting out if you want a simple and easy manageable platform, blogger is for you. I started out with a free theme and later on purchased a theme from Pipdig under $100.

I now use WordPress, I absolutely love WordPress. It has so many options and I highly recommend it for anyone, it’s very simple as well. Make sure you are creating through and not it’s a huge difference!

Create a blog through blogger (Here)

Create a website through WordPress (Here)

Purchase a theme from Pipdig (Here)

Don’t Wait! Start your blog today, take it one step at a time and feel free to email me (here) if you have any questions and need help!

I can’t wait to see the blog you start!

Start a blog in college


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