How & Why You Should Be Investing In Yourself Now

So 2018 has been my most eye-opening year as far as learning who I really am and what I could handle. We all want successful businesses and I realized quickly this year that I had to work on myself on a personal level to be able to sustain a successful business.

I’m still learning, it’s a process day in and day out. But working to get better every day is the key. It’s just like working at a job doing monthly training and going over material to make sure you can be beneficial to the company, this is an investment.

Investing in yourself will help you gain the knowledge you need to be better at whatever you do. But most importantly help you to be a problem solver. By investing in myself and taking the time out to dive into areas that I’m not well versed in has helped me solve most of my own problems.

So here’s how I’ve invested in myself and how it has helped better me.

Things I’ve Invested In



A Good Planner

Daily Habits I Practice

Prayer, Meditation

Listen to Podcasts

Reading (Book, current news)

Journaling – Keeping track of what I do daily

Keeping track of expenses

Daily Reflection “gratitude” “what I need to improve for tomorrow

3 Easy Ways To Invest In Yourself

How Listening to Podcast has Helped Me

I listen to Podcast every single day. Mainly podcast that is focused on blogging tips, self-development podcast, and current news podcast.

I prefer podcast because it’s easy for me to listen to them as I work and driving to and from work. I’ve gained so much knowledge and insight on how to do things and learned new stuff just by listening to podcasts.

If you don’t try to educate yourself before stepping into something or try to learn as you go along, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Going through the motions and not taking the time to learn from people who have been successful in an area or field that you are interested in is not smart. Learning from experts that are in your field is necessary. I don’t believe in reinventing the wheel, but pay attention and do what is proven to work “Systems”

Podcasts I Listen To (Find Podcasts that pertain to you or help you in an area you lack in)

  1. The Mattie James Show   – I listen to this almost every day, I go back and listen to old episodes. This Podcast has helped me learn how to blog “better” & “consistently”
  2. The GaryVee Audio Experience – Daily Podcast I listen to, he posts every day. This has helped me understand digital marketing better and social media tactics to help my blog. Not only does he talk about how to better your business but also self-development and it’s truly helped me to be confident about blogging. Overall this is just a great Podcast that anyone, anyone could benefit from
  3. Just Deontae!– A pick me up Podcast, I found this podcast when I was in search of Podcast. I like this podcast because it’s from someone around my age and l can relate to it in so many ways. A great listen for anyone straight out of college or in college currently.

I try to indulge in Podcasts as much as I can, to do so I’ve had to cut out music and other things that are not complimenting the goals I’m trying to reach.

“Choose Wisely”

Workshops/Seminars (It’s worth it, connect and learn from people in real time)

Workshops and seminars are great for learning & networking to meet other people in your field. I’ve gained contacts and met people in real life that I’ve been following on social media. Yes, workshops and seminars do cost sometimes but it’s worth it. You can meet experts in your field and have the opportunity to get one on one help. It’s nothing like meeting people that inspire you and other like-minded people in your field of interest. It’s great to put a face to the brand/business, personally meeting someone can lead to other connections.

I definitely recommend setting time aside to go to a workshop or seminar. Plan ahead of time and research to find some that best fit you. I commit to going to two a year, and put it on my calendar and start saving in advance for tickets.

A Good Planner/ Google Calendar – works too

Honestly, I prefer a planner I like to see things in writing. Putting it down in writing helps you to get clear about what you want and need. I spend about $20 on a planner, it includes other things to that help me strategize my year the right way. I like being clear. You planner should keep you on track and plan effectively so you don’t miss a beep. My planner helps me to stay organized and on top of what I have to do, the important things you know.

Google calendar is cool too, but you don’t get the same effect of really planning to me. I typically use google calendar to remind me about appointments, meetings, and flight itineraries etc.

Daily Habits I Practice

I’m pretty intentional about my daily habits. I refuse to start my day without 30 mins of prayer. Praying, meditating and spending time with god sets the tone for my day and how I approach life. It’s important to go into the day as strong as possible. So getting myself together mentally is important and helps me work up to my full potential daily. I’m committed to waking up earlier just to pour into myself.

So I read daily and try to work out “Ya girl has been slacking on working out’ not even going to lie. But, I do read for 30 mins every day. I journal morning and night, at night I’m reflecting on my day and taking account of what worked and didn’t, and how I’m going to improve the next day.

Honestly, before I was just going through the motions. This may not work for everyone, I can truly say it has worked for me. You have to find a system that works for you and helps you live a quality lifestyle to help you attain your goals.


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