The most powerful way to start your morning

Hey, Y’all!

Kickstart your day with these 3 easy tips to live by in the morning, “Powerful morning, powerful mind”.

I’ve been on a slight hiatus, and honestly, I’m not here to apologize for it because sometimes you just need time for yourself. For the past week, I’ve found myself off track and I’m not sure how I ended up off track. But more so I just needed mental breathing room, I was going hard and being hard on myself and it all came back on me.

However, a break is always good. I’ve taken the time out to plan and get ready for the new year. The cold weather is definitely taking a toll on my productivity as well, curling up with a good book has been my go-to for the past week.

When I’m intentional about every single thing/habit in my life, I’m usually in a good place. Last week I was a little less productive and it was definitely because of my habits that weren’t intentional.

I fell off of with waking up early, journaling, eating right, & meditating.

So this post is dedicated to my powerful morning routine.

Waking up early isn’t a problem for me when I set one alarm! One Alarm only! I have no plans of getting up if I have multiple alarms set if you go into the mindset of having more than one you’ll be like “I’ll catch the next one”. So setting one alarm has made me push through and just get my butt up!

I use the 5-second rule, according to mel robbins if you don’t act on whatever you need to do in 5 seconds your more than likely not going to do it!

I lay my journal under my pillow or on the counter next to me tea kettle, while my tea is heating I use this time to journal and get my mind ready for the best day ever! I’m heavy on the affirmation lol!

After, journalling. I’ll either drink a smoothie or eat a bowl of cereal.. then I sip on my tea and visualize how my day should pan out, say my affirmations aloud, and look at my dream board.

This is my way of intentional living and it starts with a beautiful morning. Take care of yourself and your body & mind will love you back.

Thanks, for reading I hope everyone has a beautiful Thanksgiving!

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