How To Get Back In The Creative Zone

Get Back In The Creative Zone

Here recently I started to experience a period where I was super unmotivated and basically in a creative rut. I never really experienced this until recently, and I was just like I need to get back. When I do slump into a mode of uncreativity, I focus my efforts on rebalancing.

Hence the weather change had a lot to do with it which is something that I can’t control. So again I focus my efforts on how the things I can control like

  • The time I spend on social media “Scrolling”
  • What I Eat
  • Exercise
  • What I read, listen too and consume period.

So the time I spent scrolling last week was insane and I knew better! I know the effect of spending too much time on social media, it puts me in a space that I shouldn’t be in. A space that’s hard for me to climb out of.

Scroll lessspend less time on social media. Set a small limit between 30mins to a 1hour. Thanks to apple for the screen time tool, it’s easier than ever to control and set limits.

Last week I ate a beef burger, I rarely eat beef and last week I was craving a beef burger. So you know what I did went and got me a tasty beef burger. I got sick for one day and the next day my appetite was weird, so I didn’t feel like eating and I was drained from my poor eating habits.

Eat food that makes you feel alive. Eat food that helps you work at the highest level. It’s okay to cheat sometimes but don’t do it in the middle of rigorous work periods.

I didn’t exercise at all last week and not working out and keeping my body moving isn’t good when you’re a creative. When I workout, and stick to my workout routine I am bursting with energy, and I feel more fulfilled. I come up with so many ideas when I keep my body moving and work out on a consistent basis.

Huge! What I read, the podcast I listen to and everything I consume is a major part of staying in my creative zone.

As soon as I wake up in the morning I put on a sermon from youtube or listen to motivational stuff on youtube. This alone was the only thing that kept me afloat last week. I was motivated but just not in a creative space mainly because of the time I spent scrolling last week. I also don’t read gossip blog and follow up with social media drama any more with celebrities or locals. Clearly, spending time on things that have nothing to do with you will drive you to do other things that are out of alignment with your goals.

Work to stay in a space that helps you to be the best you! Invest your time in things that make you feel good and stimulate your mind in a positive way! Be protective over yourself, and your creative zone! Click To Tweet

You can do it, it’s a lot easier said than done. I fall off sometimes and it’s okay just make sure your hold yourself accountable. Keep track of what you did so you know how to not go back to habits that don’t serve you!

I hope this truly helps you make better decisions to create a better you!

Thanks for reading #YalainaEloriWasHere !



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