3 Amazing Tips for Wynwood

Hey, Y’all! Miami was way more than I expected it to be, this was my first time visiting and actually getting to do stuff. My favorite was the Wynwood district, the atmosphere, the tacos and walls of course.

Sharing 3 of my best tips so you’ll be prepared when you visit!

  1. Where to eat

The Best Taco Spot in Wynwood is Coyo Taco! 2300 NW 2nd Ave Miami, FL

Honestly my favorite part about Wynwood were the tacos from Coyo! I had Tacos from 3 different spots and Coyo was my favorite hands down. For the price it’s definitely worth it. I wasn’t a fan of Elote but it grew on me since visiting miami!

Expect to wait a bit for tacos, we waited about 15-20 mins, there were so many people and the tacos are good so it’ll pretty much always be a wait, but it’s worth it!

Tacos are perfect to eat and want give you the itis after eating, there so much to explore in Wynwood so the Taco’s won’t weigh you down.

2. What to wear

Since the walls are so busy it’s best to wear a neutral outfit, and neutral colors. As you can see in my photos below how busy the walls are, so you don’t want the absolute most going on in your photo.

3. Photo Tips

There will be so many people taking photos but most respect that everyone is there trying to take photos. Respect when others are taking photos and ask if they need you to take the photo, and more than likely they’ll be more than happy to take yours!

Try different shots if you’re taking them on your iphone, try some in portrait and photo. All of my photos were taken on my iphone and edited in Lightroom.

Find walls that compliment what you’re wearing if you’re really focused on taking the perfect photo for your blog or IG!

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Wynwood is amazing, there’s so much more than the walls, but ofcourse, the walls and paintings are the highlights of Wynwood. Try the food and visit the local shops around, there’s so much to do you can look up things to do in Wynwood before visiting!

See you soon, #YalainaEloriWasHere


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