More Love, More Life

Hey Y’all! Honestly, I didn’t know where to start with this post since I’ve been disconnected for a while which was much needed. I’ve been more patient with myself after graduating and decided to really disconnect, reflect, and took time to refocus.

Yalaina Elori

Last year I was still figuring myself out, and I’m still figuring things out every day. I’ve decided to give life more this year, more love that is. I have no reason to complain, I’m a direct product of majority of the results of work and my life.

Disconnecting made me appreciate life more. I took time to read, travel, and spent time with people I love. I think to truly have gratitude for life you have to stay grounded and value what’s consistent and true in your life.

My life is amazing and even if things aren’t exactly how I think they should be, I’ll be patient. I truly love my life, and every day I find the beauty in everything. That’s my motto, to complain less, worry less, and love everything God has placed in me and around me. This year I’ll be living more for me while trusting God and following his call on my life. To encourage, to inspire, and stay fly! Live your passion, that’s why I started this and I’ll never stray away from that.

Yalaina Elori
Yalaina Elori
Yalaina Elori

It’s okay to be selfish with your time, It’s okay to put yourself first. More self love this year!

I love Y’all and I hope this year you’ll be more of what you’re called to be. Love more, do more, be more, it’s already yours!


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