My Secrets to Living a Happy and fulfilled life!

Yalaina Elori

Hey Y’all! I know it’s been long enough since I’ve posted but honestly I’ve just been in a weird place. I started reflecting and realized how drastic my life changed in a small period of time and I never really gave myself time to adapt. Last year was such a great year for me and I’m trying to have an even better year than last. Last year I found so much happiness in the smallest things and my energy levels were amazing. I started reflecting back on everything I did last year that kept me in such positive space, here in this post I’m sharing my secrets on how to live a happy life no matter what your circumstances are.

Yalaina Elori
  1. A Schedule
  • Keeps your Life organized
  • Helps your stay focused on whats important
  • Helps to keep you from being frustrated

I found so much peace in keeping a schedule and sticking to a consistent routine. Every day I wake up I know exactly what i’m doing and what the goals are for the day and the week. I find peace and clarity in having a schedule. It’s difficult to be happy and have a clear mind if you’re living every day in a frenzy not knowing whether you’re coming or going.

2. Waking Up Early (for me no later than 5 AM)

How: Take a day and plan out your most important task, tack a due date to everything so you’re not just going through the motions. 

  • More time to get more done
  • Time to plan and review what you need to do for the day
  • Helps you stick to a healthy sleeping schedule for circadianRhythms

Waking up early is one thing that I absolutely love when done the right way. I’m so much more productive and not rushing through the day. In the morning It’s important for me to journal and get all of my thoughts out of my head and meditate. I found my life much more peaceful and less chaotic with waking up early. I also deal with stress better when I wake up early.

Yalaina Elori

3. A Journal

  • Studies show people who are grateful are more thankful happier and live more fulfilled lives, this is scientifically proven. 
  • In test, people who tend to journal and reflect consistently everyday have proven to be more happier less depressed in one month. 
  • Studies show gratitude journaling for ten weeks increased happiness by 25%, over the people who did not partake in gratitude journalling 

Interesting Fact: Oprah kept a journal for a full decade and encourages everyone to do the same!

Last year I spent more time with God than I think I ever have in my entire life. Last year was difficult for me but I found peace with being close to God and writing out my thoughts every day. I wrote out my thoughts in the morning and reflected at the end of the day. Reflection gave me so much peace and helped me track my growth and progress. My reflection included things that made me happy during the day, moments that impacted me and moments that I was super grateful for.I can’t express enough how beneficial journaling is, I highly recommend everyone to adapt to this daily practice. When I find myself out of whack, I think what am I not doing that I was doing before. The other day I realized that happiness is earned if your life is somewhat organized and you’re not always stressing about the next thing you can live a more fulfilled life! & always be patient with yourself!

Thanks for reading! What are some of your secrets on how you live a happy and fulfilled life?


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